Recovery Coach Credential Training

Recovery Point West Virginia provides training to meet the educational requirements of the Peer Recovery Credential offered by the West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction and Prevention Professionals (WVCBAPP).  Students should have a minimum of 9-12 months of sobriety/recovery prior to starting the training.

We provide Peer Recovery Credential training at NO COST to students.  A student's only cost is time and attention.

What is required by WVCBAPP to attain the PR credential:

  • 46 clock hours of education specific to four domains
  • 25 hours supervision
  • 500 hours experience (in part or in whole)
  • HS diploma or GED

Our training satisfies the 46 clock hours of education aspect; we also provide assistance with the 25 hours of supervision on a case-by-case basis. 

Classes are held 3-4 times per year, and are scheduled as follows:

  • LIVE classes are held one day per week, over a five-week period
  • Students attend the LIVE classes in real time via distance learning, using a laptop/computer/tablet with webcam and speakers and internet access
  • LIVE classes include topics such as Boundaries & Ethics; Core Competencies of Recovery Coaches, Role Playing exercises, and more
  • In between the live classes, we also have a Learning Management System set up where students can learn about other peer recovery-specific topics on their own time, from the convenience of their home.  Students learn about Motivational Interviewing and Trauma-Informed Care via instructional videos and the taking of tests/quizzes. There are also two topic papers assigned. The topics in the Learning Management System can be covered at a pace determined by the student
  • We spend part of one class guiding students through the actual PR credential application process and provide each student with a copy of the application and a checklist for completion 
  • If you would like to take the Recovery Point West Virginia classes required to then pursue the PR Credential, fill out the training application here:

  • When you have it filled out, send it back to us by email to Project Coordinator Deeidra Beckett at [email protected]


For more information about our PR Credential training, please contact Project Coordinator Deeidra Beckett at Recovery Point West Virginia at [email protected]

The costs of applying for the PR credential AFTER completion of our curriculum ($75 initial and $110 for the exam) are the responsibility of the student. 

For more information on the PR Credential offered by the West Virginia Certification Board for Addiction and Prevention Professionals, please visit their website here.