Success Stories

Garrett’s Story

I came to Recovery Point of Huntington in November of 2012. I had nowhere else to go aside from the Huntington City Mission, where I had stayed the two previous nights. Drug addiction and terrible decision making had plagued my entire life. I had a family that provided for me and plenty of opportunities to succeed, but it made no difference.

By the time I made it to this program I was completely isolated and desolate. No one would have any contact with me, and I had used up all of my chances to redeem myself in anyone’s eyes. Slowly over time, I began to see that what was being offered to me from Recovery Point was of value and that my physical and emotional states were steadily improving.

Since completing the program, I have regained all of the trust and respect that I had lost from family and friends through addiction. All of the goals I had for my life are once again attainable. I am a full time student at Marshall University’s College of Science and work part time to support myself, none of which would be possible if it weren’t for Recovery Point of Huntington.

Jay’s Story

by Missy Browning, RHP Volunteer of the Year

When I first met Jay at the Rally for Recovery in 2013, he took me on a facility tour, explained the recovery model, and told me his story of addiction. Since his arrival at Recovery Point of Huntington, he had focused on recovery and was reconciling with his family. He had come a long way from the choices that had resulted in his Mom changing the locks.

I wiped away tears as I learned how Recovery Point was changing lives and restoring families, and I knew I wanted to help. The timing was perfect: My daughter had just started college, and I was empty nested. After all those years of focused parenting, I still had a desire to invest and nurture, and I'd found a group in need of that love. Looking back, I adopted "the boys" at Recovery Point on my first visit.

It started with a vision for a party at Christmas with spaghetti, desserts, and stockings from Santa. After a post on Facebook to invite sponsors and volunteers, the party quickly came together. I'm blessed to be surrounded by compassionate and serving hearts, and we'd just found a new group to love.

The Christmas party was a huge success, and I'm not certain if the volunteers or the boys had more fun. When I think back, I remember lots of smiles and hugs. Before the party was over, a seed sprouted. What if we did this in February for Valentine's Day? And so it began....

In that first year, a Valentine's Day party was followed by an Easter party, a picnic, an ice cream social, an outdoor movie night, a karaoke evening, and a Halloween Boo Bash.
Then, just before the Christmas party, Jay introduced me to his Mom.

I saw the miracle of his story come full circle.

He'd reconciled with his parents and expanded his family to include a new baby.
Months later, he is working and thriving and staying connected via Facebook. Jay's success feeds back into the program, encouraging and inspiring the ones who are taking the first steps to recovery.
A year from now, theirs will be additional success stories to celebrate.
Recently, the boys and staff honored me with the "Volunteer of the Year" award at the annual Gala. When I look at it, I remember their stories, struggles, and success. The award represents hope; theirs and mine.

If you'd like to become part of that hope, I welcome you to serve with us in abundant love and encouragement. After all, recovery of any sort is fully reliant on those two key factors. Recovery Point of Huntington is changing lives and restoring families; come see for yourself!

Terry’s Story

My story is similar to many throughout twelve step programs. I began drinking occasionally at a young age and recreational smoking of marijuana came soon after. I always maintained good grades through school and was very active in sports. I was born in Houston, Texas and resided in Chesapeake, Ohio for much of my life. I had great friends and a supportive family. Rarely was I in serious trouble and for the most part I had a childhood many would only dream of. My mother was a single parent and provided everything I ever wanted and needed.

Somewhere along the road occasional partying turned into a way to cope with life. I watched many of my friends graduate college and go on to be successful, but my situation never changed due to my inability to handle life in a mature fashion. My problems continued to pile up as I refused to change. I had let myself down and honestly did not like the person I had become.I would always hear comments like, “You have so much potential,” but I did not believe it. I lacked the discipline to commit to living a life that did not contain drugs and alcohol. I was overwhelmed and defeated by my own negative perception. Something had to happen, and I surely had no clue of the sequence of events that would change my life forever.

I faced some changes as my addiction heightened and I began to realize that I was headed toward death. Thank God for the eye-opening conversations with close family! They truly showed concern for my situation and began searching for help. Fortunately my hopeless state of mind would not have to endure much longer.

My uncle, who really is more like an older brother, began calling the place where hope is found, also known as Recovery Point of Huntington (then known as The Healing Place). My mother jumped on the wagon and they both called every day. They persuaded me into calling and before I knew it there was a bed open for me. While I knew this was the best decision I could make, I was scared to death to follow through with action. I was ashamed of and devastated by my situation and did not want to humble myself and ask for help. I truly believe God was working through people in order for me to swallow my pride enough to walk in the door to a long term recovery center.

Recovery Point of Huntington provided me with a structured environment of education and accountability.

This peer-driven community encouraged me to walk through fear by practicing faith and courage.

Friends in recovery became my brothers in arms. I slowly began to feel self-worth as my actions started lining up with my words of encouragement. I did not wreck my life overnight, and I knew that I had a tough road ahead, but desperation created a willingness to surrender to a new way of life. God was doing for me what I could not do for myself. The truth had set me free to no longer be enslaved by addiction to drugs and alcohol.

As I continue to work on myself daily, I am rewarded with improved relationships with friends and family. God has blessed me with my first child and a wonderful wife. We were married where we first met, Recovery Point of Huntington. I am currently employed under the same roof that saved my life, as Program Director at our new Bluefield facility, Four Seasons Recovery Center. There is no way to speak of the gratitude I have for my current position, so I do my best each and every day to love the men of the program until they can learn to love themselves.

I have material things today, but it doesn’t compare to the love and respect shown to me through meaningful relationships. I look at my son and know in my heart that Urijah and his daddy are going to be okay. How could I ever express enough gratitude for this miracle? I’m not sure that it is possible, but I will do my best by doing what I have been taught. Recovery Point of Huntington never asked anything of me other than honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. What a beautiful form of generosity and unselfishness.

Thank God!

Todd’s Story

All my life I felt I was a victim of circumstances. With any trouble that crossed my path I could always passively-aggressively turn the finger on anything except (of course) myself. From the age of 14, I drank alcohol. Slowly but surely it became my solution, no matter the day. I felt a void since I was a young child. I was type 1 diabetic, my parents were divorced— the justifying list went on and on. Throughout my life, I heard many speak of my drinking problem— public intoxication, DUIs, drunk tanks, jails, broken relationships of family, friends and significant others. These were easily dismissed, and it never occurred to me that I was living a proverbial lie.

I chose to ignore another kind of life, insanity, by doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. To say it was my decision to get sober would be taking credit for something that was a lot grander than I could have ever imagined. At Recovery Point of Huntington, they helped me learn the truth about myself in a way that I could understand, which in turn helped me find peace and serenity that I had only heard of in story books.

They set a foundation that I center all aspects of my life around today. Work, family, relationships—nothing is insurmountable in comparison.

My sobriety date is June 8, 2011, and my birthday is June 9. I have been blessed with four sober birthdays. I get goose bumps saying that because I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a miracle. I see them all around me today through the way Recovery Point of Huntington grows with more men and women that are full of despair finding the principle of hope in their hearts.

I now do so many things that I never could have imagined. Men and women growing and finding the solution in their lives warms my heart as an alumnus of Recovery Point. We find we should willingly do all acts through love. We teach to be taught, we forgive to be forgiven, we understand to be understood, and we love without any motives.