Recovery Phase II

Residents transition from Phase I into the Silver Chip Program immediately after completing Step 12. While in this phase, residents are required to pay rent (about $70 a week), maintain employment, observe a curfew, attend at least five AA/NA meetings a week, and attend at least one weekly Silver Chip Community Meeting (comparable to Phase I Community). At this point, residents are given the opportunity to become a Peer Mentor and facilitate the Recovery Dynamics classes in exchange for room and board and a stipend of $60 per week.

 Halfway Status: Silver Chip Residents in halfway status are able to take two passes a month. Pass requests are reviewed and granted by the Silver Chip teams.

 Three-quarter Status: When a resident shows that he or she is stable (i.e. holding down a steady job, attending all required meetings, addressing outside issues, etc.), the Silver Chip team may award that resident more freedom by moving him into three-quarter status- which requires that only two nights a week be spent on campus. A resident may lose his three-quarter status if all Silver Chip Program requirements and responsibilities are not met.

Silver Chip residents must work with Continuing Care staff to develop a concrete “plan of action” for resolving life skills issues and integrating back into the community. Finally, it is the group conscience that determines whether or not he is ready to move out of the Recovery Point of Huntington, Recovery Point of Charleston, or Four Seasons Recovery Center facility.